Release Date: January 17, 2014
Length: 2 hours 30 mins
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An enjoyable love tale, the story is set on the backdrop of New York and here lives Parimala (erica) who finds a lot of support and strength in her friend Vickey (puneeth). He is very rich and takes life in the casual way. Eventually, Parimala falls in love with Vickey but he looks at her as just a friend. But in due course, Vickey realizes that a friend in need can become the best life partner. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

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  • Updated February 1, 2014

    Times of India - 60%Agree(0)Disagree(0)
    The first half of Ninnindale makes for pure visual delight. What could have been an excellent romantic entertainer has been marred by superfluous sequences in the second half. Read More
    One India - 70%Agree(0)Disagree(9)
    Ninnindale is a packed family entertainer filled with all the necessary ingredients, which includes simple and cute love story, unexpected twists, thrilling adventurous scenes and melodious songs. First half is too good, and slow pace in the second half is a minor drawback. Overall it is a movie to be watched with your loved ones. Read More
    India Glitz - 70%Agree(0)Disagree(0)
    You have many reasons to watch this film without fail. Read More
    Bharat Student - 65%Agree(0)Disagree(0)
    Heartful and touching romantic treat, watch it for grandeur Read More
    ChitraLoka - %Agree(3)Disagree(6)
    Overall, there is no doubt that the film will be lapped up by the audience for its uniqueness and standing apart from regular films. Puneeth is back and shows his power. Read More