Sravani Subramanya


Release Date: December 28, 2013
Length: 2 hours 38 mins
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  • Direction
  • Comedy & Music
  • Cinematography
  • Updated January 10, 2014

    Times of India - 80%Agree(1)Disagree(0)
    What happens next is for all to watch. While Ganesh makes a lasting impression on the viewer with his effortless performance, it is Amulya who steals the show with her bubbly act. Anant Nag and Tara make a good pair. Read More
    One India - 80%Agree(1)Disagree(0)
    Shravani Subramanya is perfect blend of comedy, sentiment and love. Slow pace in the beginning and in climax is the minute draw back. Still a movie to be admired, and it is a positive sign for Sandalwood to end 2013 with a Super-hit. Read More
    India Glitz - 85%Agree(0)Disagree(0)
    There are many reasons for you to watch this film without fail. Read More
    ChitraLoka - %Agree(1)Disagree(0)
    Full marks to all the actors in the acting department and the director for handling the subject in a sensible and sensitive manner. There are many jokes that get the censor's cut. But there are many others to fill in the laugh quotient. Harikrishna comes up with four good compositions. Read More