Race Gurram


Release Date: April 11, 2014
Length: 2 hours 43 mins
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Lucky (Bunny) and Ram (Syam) are brothers.They were against each other all time from childhood.Ram is a sincere police officer(ACP).Lucky is a bindass guy who tries for the American visa.Then he meets Spandana(Shruthi Haasan).She is a moody girl who doesn’t react for anything.Lucky changes her.Prakash Raj is Spandana’s Father.He is decent,dignfied and maintains strict discipline in his house.On the flipside Sivareddy is a goon who wants to become a minister by contesting in the elections. But Syam is on him and he don’t want SivaReddy to becoma Minister.

How Allu arjun is linked with this SivaReddy?? Will the brothers Unite?? Wha is brahmanandam’s role?? etc etc.. forms the rest of the story

Courtesy : Filmytime


  • Allu Arjun
  • Interval bang
  • Comedy
  • Direction
  • Background score
  • Negatives

  • Screenplay
  • Slow pace
  • Editing not up to mark
  • Updated April 14, 2014

    Times of India - 70%Agree(0)Disagree(0)
    All in all it's the ideal Tollywood masala package loaded with the right doses of entertainment, brotherly love, and Brahmanandam. Read More
    One India - 70%Agree(2)Disagree(0)
    Race Gurram has excellent performances by lead actors, engrossing narration and rich production values, but lacks a fresh plot. Read More
    IndiaGlitz - 70%Agree(1)Disagree(0)
    Race Gurram is watchable for the little doses of heroism, bromance, and comedy. Read More
    Bharat Student - 70%Agree(3)Disagree(1)
    Summer Jackpot Read More
    IdleBrain - 65%Agree(1)Disagree(0)
    watch out for Brahmi as ‘kill bill pandey’! Read More
    123 Telugu - 70%Agree(2)Disagree(0)
    ‘Race Gurram’ is a paisa vasool entertainer that makes you feel good when you walk out of the theatre. Read More
    Greatandhra - 65%Agree(3)Disagree(0)
    Kill Bill Pandey Read More
    Gulte - 60%Agree(1)Disagree(1)
    Routine Gurram! Read More